The programme

Innovative strategies is the core to our agenda’s structure. The conference offers discussion-based sessions focused on putting our delegates at the centre of the conversation

  • 08:00
    Registration and networking
  • 09:00
    Conference Inauguration
  • 09:10
    Keynote on Implementing standards to critical sectors
    Feras Darwich
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company
  • 09:40
    Workshop 1 - Can Your Crisis and Emergency Management Structures Cope with 21st Century Critical Infrastructure Protection Demands?
    Presented by
    Geoffrey Williams
    President & CEO
    3Ci Global Solutions

    In the era of ‘Protecting and Securing Critical Assets,' it's never been more crucial to stay ahead of future trends and cost-effectively and efficiently manage the plethora of different crises and disasters that threaten corporate entities. Changing organisational ‘out-dated’ cultural management approaches to such critical issues is vital for 21st businesses, industry and organisations if they are to flourish during critical times.
    This workshop explains the vulnerability of current emergency management systems and demonstrates new cutting-edge methodologies. Delegates are tasked to ‘root cause analyse’ these threats and risks to their own businesses.

  • 10:25
    Networking and coffee break
  • 10:40
    Workshop 2 - Fire Protection Strategies for Critical Infrastructures
    Presented by
    Paul Bryant
    Fire Cubed (Fire3 ) LLP

    The fire safety and protection of critical infrastructure has never been more important. Major fires around the world have highlighted that a new and strategic approach to fire engineering may be warranted. Paul Bryant, author of British Standard Specification PAS 911 covering fire strategies, as well as his best-selling fire book “Fire strategies – strategic thinking” will explain his ideas.
    The workshop delegates will identify ‘best practices’ that explore the key considerations as covered in the British Standard. The workshop is designed for risk, H&S, security and fire safety professionals, as well as those who have responsibilities for fire safety for complex buildings and other infrastructures.

  • 11:25
    Exclusive sponsor workshop
  • 11:55
    Workshop 3 - Business Continuity for Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Presented by
    Steve Corrigan
    Managing Director
    C4 Resilience Consultancy & Training Service

    The term Business Continuity has been wrongly associated with nothing other than IT continuity and recovery. This thought provoking workshop explains how applying standards such as ISO 22301 on its own is insufficient and needs a more comprehensive approach.
    Delegates will be enlightened as they learn to analyse the real meaning of ‘Business Continuity’ and the mass benefits it can bring to their enterprises.

  • 12:40
    Prayer and networking luncheon
  • 13:40
    Effective use of equipment to secure CI
    Charles Mallice
    General Manager
    Sterling (Middle East) Security Consultancy
  • 14:05
    Workshop 4 - New options for rescue operations during hostile events at critical infrastructure installations
    Presented by
    Matt Dusa
    Chief Operating Officer
    Capstone Fire & Safety Management

    Producing a comprehensive security and protection plan for critical infrastructures creates many financial challenges. Providing security services that integrate within fire/rescue/emergency medical services within a cost-effective plan has never been more relevant in today’s financial restrictive times. How to best 'integrate' all the security needs into fire/rescue/ems needs often create conflicts of interests.
    This critical workshop helps delegates by analysing how these crucial services can overcome these conflicts of interest especially where private fire/rescue ems services are involved.

  • 14:50
    Exhibitor Workshop - The enterprise immune system - Using machine learning for next generation cyber defence
    Dark Trace
  • 15:20
    Networking and coffee break
  • 15:35
    Spotlight Session - Securing block chain systems
    Anshul Srivastav
    Chief Information Officer & Digital Officer
    Union Insurance

    Feras Darwich
    Chief Information Security Officer
    Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company

    Jorge Sebastio
    Cloud Practice Leader
    Huawei Technologies