Loto Brady FBrady has provided solution for optimal Lockout/Tagout implementations, in multiple sites including site surveys, best practice procedures and all tools for successful Lockout/Tagout in the facilities, aiming to reduce accidents at work

Lockout/Tagout can save lives during machine maintenance and interventions in production facilities. About 15-20 per cent of workplace accidents can be avoided with Lockout/Tagout which is why the procedure should be part of any ambitious go for zero programme that bans accidents from the workplace.

Map Lockout/Tagout needs

Brady can send a specialised Lockout/Tagout Engineer to help survey customers' sites, and to offer a comprehensive report on how they could implement Lockout/Tagout in line with worldwide best practices. The survey can include:

· Identification of on-site machinery that could require Lockout/Tagout in order to prevent workplace accidents during machine interventions

· Identification of every energy source control point on-site to be able to completely isolate machinery from all energy sources

· A list of recommended tools to isolate machinery on-site and realise best practice Lockout/Tagout procedures

Easily implement best practice procedures

Brady’s Lockout/Tagout specialists can help customers write or edit Lockout/Tagout procedures to match worldwide best practices. Taking into account every machine's energy control points and combining this knowledge with best-in-class Lockout/Tagout/Tryout steps to isolate machinery, the guidebook provides quality Lockout/Tagout procedures to maximise safety during interventions.

“Lockout/Tagout procedures are uploaded in the LINK360 software for approval by customer stakeholders, for easy roll-out across multiple sites and for easy editing in the future. Pictures of machinery and energy control points can be uploaded to maximise recognition and compliance in the workplace. Procedures can be printed or sent to maintenance professionals' smartphones via the step-by-step Smart LoTo App,” said Brady.

Specific locks, devices and tags

A selection can be made from Brady's wide range of padlocks and Lockout/Tagout devices so customers get exactly what they need to isolate their machinery on their sites.

· Padlocks can be supplied based on a detailed key-plan, including uniquely keyed, master - and grandmaster keyed locks

· Padlocks can be selected for maximum life cycle in customers' industrial environments

· Customers can opt for dedicated lockout devices, or combine these with universal energy blocking lockout tools from Brady

· Tags can be supplied preprinted or can be printed on-site in full colour by customer with the BradyJet J5000 colour label printer

· Lockout/tagout workfloor distribution centres and custom shadowboards are also available from Brady

Download the free Lockout/Tagout guide book ‘Safer machine interventions’